Fueled by Code, Fueled by Food (and Maybe a Little Fear)

Ever forget why you put the kettle on? Me too! My name is Roman, and this forgetfulness is exactly what inspired this blog. You see, my brain is a whirlwind of ideas, bouncing from building DevOps pipelines to whipping up the next culinary masterpiece (or at least attempting to!).

Here's the thing: while my memory might be a bit challenged, my passion for learning and creating is boundless. This blog is my attempt to document my adventures in the exciting (and sometimes chaotic) worlds of DevOps, entrepreneurship, and of course, delicious food.

Why DevOps? The logic, automation, and problem-solving aspects just click with me. I love building things that work seamlessly and helping businesses run smoothly.

Why entrepreneurship? There's a thrill in taking an idea and turning it into reality. The hustle, the creativity, the constant learning – it's exhilarating!

And why food? Well, who doesn't love a good meal? Food is about exploration, about bringing people together, and about pure, unadulterated joy. (Plus, it fuels all those adventures!)

So, what can you expect here?

  • DevOps tips and tricks: Learn from my successes (and maybe even a few hilarious failures) as I navigate the world of DevOps.

  • Entrepreneurial insights: From brainstorming ideas to facing down challenges, I'll share the journey of building something from scratch (with a healthy dose of humor, of course).

  • Delicious recipes (hopefully!): Join me on my culinary quest as I experiment in the kitchen, share family favorites, and maybe even attempt to recreate that mind-blowing dish you had on vacation.

Bonus fun fact: I've actually conquered over 20 mountains! (Though my memory might not recall the specific views from each peak.) And just to prove that anything is possible, I somehow managed to finish a half-marathon without much training (don't recommend it, but hey, it's a story!).

So, buckle up and join me on this wild ride! I promise it will be informative, inspirational (hopefully!), and definitely full of laughter. Let's explore, create, and maybe even remember why we put the kettle on in the first place.

Feel free to leave a comment, share your own stories, or just say hi! Let's connect!